Heidi Cerullo Artist

Poppies by Heidi Cerullo
Heidi Cerullo - Encaustic and Mixed Media Artist

From childhood, there are images and visual experiences that make their mark in our memories that repeat and reveal themselves to us often enough that we call them “Inspiration”. As an artist, the ones that monopolize my memory and fascination are the visual and musical experiences I had as a child during visits to Europe, with the added benefit of the guidance of a mother and uncle who were also artists and musicians. As a result, I have deep inclinations to certain visual and musical periods and subjects relating to (but not exclusively to) ancient and early Europe. My memory draws everything from distant silhouettes of Cypress tree boundaries, to poppy fields that fall off the horizon, to the most detailed features of religious art and architecture. My joy as an artist is found in exploring different ways to express my love of these subjects through this most appropriate and age old medium of “Encaustic”.

Contact: hcerullo@comcast.net